Design Your Own Custom Footwear

Civardi Custom Shoes present an exceptional line of bespoke footwear that is carefully handcrafted by a team of skilled artisan craftsmen with many years of shoemaking experience under their belt.

And, speaking of belts… we custom make those too! Get the perfect belt for your chosen shoe style.


Practical Fashion & Luxury Combined

We value every client’s vision of wearing fine-looking footwear. That’s why the quality of every pair of shoes we make is carefully inspected from the materials used down to finer details and stitching.

Classic to Trendy

Customize your own design from the undying classics to the most popular trends. Boots, shoes, slippers, casual footwear and golf shoes –  we make sure that all styles are hand-made according to your exact specifications.



Worry if the shoe fits? Then leave it to us. Instead of conforming to conventional sizing standards, we get the accurate measurement of your feet in order to create a pair of shoes that really ‘fits’. Use the FeetSizr app to get the best fit for you!



Each and every Civardi item is specially made for you. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery. Certain features and materials such as our luxury patina finishes may take slightly longer due to the extra time required to achieve these stunning finishes.

All Civardi custom footwear and belts are handmade in Europe with countless style options to choose from to suit your formal or casual needs. We also offer free size exchanges and worldwide shipping.

Lastly, we highly encourage every client to not hold back in the design process. Feel free to express yourself and bring out the design you’ve always craved!