Belts Collection

Nothing compliments your Civardi custom shoes quite like the perfect belt from Civardi custom belts – designed by you!

Choose from our current range of belt designs and either order it as it is or add your own unique character by using the customisation options. Buckles are available in two shapes and each buckle shape is available in four different finishes: Nickle (silver), Graphite (dark grey), Gold and Old Gold.

All belts are delivered in a belt bag and box ….an excellent gift!!

Mainline Belts

We have four main styles of custom belts allowing for different combinations of materials. You can use suede, leather and also some of our textile fabrics.

You can choose the various outer materials, the colour of the lining, the buckle, the belt-loop… the choice really is yours.

Popular Belts

Patina Belts

Compliment your patina footwear with one of our patina belts. Our Hampton belt model can be produced in patina leather by the same master patina artist who works on our shoes!

Popular Patina Belts