The Goodyear Welt Collection

For more than 300 years, the Goodyear Welt process has been associated with excellence and superior workmanship. More than 60 craftsmen are involved in the process of manufacturing one of our Goodyear Welted shoes or boots, and they use between 25 and 50 different elements and pieces. All this involves a process of more than 120 handcrafted phases, from beginning to end.

We are pleased to offer our collection of Goodyear Welted soles in leather, Dainite rubber and also a special combination of leather and rubber. You can find out more about each sole type below or you can look at the entire Civardi Goodyear Welt collection here.

Leather Goodyear Welt

Goodyear Welted Leather soles came to being when in 1872 Charles Goodyear invented a machine capable of stitching the welt to the insole, thus revolutionizing the quality of footwear worldwide. Due to its longstanding heritage, little needed maintenance, waterproof durability and clean aesthetic, the Goodyear Welting method is highly valued in the high-end shoe market.

Popular Goodyear Leather Models

Dainite Rubber Goodyear Welt

Dainite rubber soles are the only rubber outsoles that can be considered luxurious and the best option for someone looking for a long-lasting rubber sole with an added measure of durability. As well as being clean, slick, and applicable to anything from an understated Oxford to a more rugged Jodhpur boot – Dainite rubber soles are applied to footwear using a Goodyear welt. With the feet on the ground, there is visually little difference between a leather sole and a Dainite sole.

Popular Dainite Rubber Models

Combination Goodyear Welt

If you love the aesthetic of leather but value the grip of rubber then our Goodyear Welted combination sole units are the perfect solution.

Maintaining the production values associated with Goodyear Welted soles we can now offer the perfect combination of appearance and functionality.

Popular Goodyear Combi Models