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Our Patina Collection

Patina Collection

Patina leather found within our patina collection is achieved by a labour intensive, strictly hand dyeing procedure, which creates a completely unique patina with an aged effect. The procedure begins with unfinished crust leather, which has been tanned and handled, but not dyed yet.

Discovering new coloring techniques and using secret recipes and materials makes the patina artist’s job a very skilled and unique one. A good patina artist is able to reproduce a colour precisely on demand, and uses it effectively on shoes, boots, slippers, casual footwear and belts.

Below you can find out a little more about all of the products in our luxury patina collection.

Patina Shoes

None of our products receive as much feedback as our incredible range of patina shoes.

Each pair is a unique piece of art in its own right, with variations in color and texture, due to the singular handmade painting and brushing processes.

Popular Patina Shoes

Patina Boots

Civardi custom boots produced with the undeniable luxury of hand patina leather.

Skillfully hand polished by our master patina artists these mens boots will receive admiring glances all over the world.

Popular Patina Boots

Patina Slippers

The mens slipper, first endorsed by Prince Albert in the late 1800’s has been given an upgrade in the form of our collection of patina slippers.

Patina leather can be very effective when applied to slippers – the Rodgers Wellington slipper is a particularly nice example!

Popular Patina Slippers

Patina Casual Footwear

A new level in casual luxury can be found in our collection of patina casual footwear.

The juxtaposition of casual sneakers and luxury patina leather is hard to resist.

Our “camo” patina is proving particularly possible for casual footwear – check-out the Capello for inspiration!

Popular Patina Casuals

Patina Belts

Civardi’s patina artists can produce a belt finished with our luxury patinas.

Skillfully hand polished by our master patina artists these belts will really compliment your chosen patina footwear.

Popular Patina Belts


  • James Harrison says:

    Good evening, I have a pair shoes I would like to have patina. Do you offer this service

    • Civardi says:

      Hi James, unfortunately this is not a service that we can offer at this time. I would recommend that you try to find such a service near to your location and ideally be able to present your shoes in person to have a clear discussion with the artists.
      Am sorry that we are unable to help you but I do hope that you have some success!

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