Personalized Custom Made Footwear Experience

Here at Civardi, we emphasize the idea of “personalized customization” and inspire every customer to create a design that depicts their true personality that is unique and unmatched.

We’re very serious about our shoes and passionate custom shoe aficionados as well. We also love the freedom of having the perfect matching belt for our custom footwear – our special design tool solves this problem.

All Civardi footwear and belts are handmade in Europe by a group of artisan craftsmen who excel in the art of leather craft. Their years of experience coupled with their passion for excellence enables them to produce high quality products no matter how intricate or demanding the design will be.

The variety of models, as well as their remarkable combination of materials, speak the kind of skill set these experts possess. They have what it takes to turn your dream shoe or boot into reality. takes pride in interpreting your shoes to the very minute detail, from the way the materials are hand-picked to the innermost workings of your footwear. For some, a shoe is just simply a shoe, but to us, it is a ‘functional piece of artwork’. So no one does it better than us, because we treat every Civardi creation as a masterpiece.

This is custom footwear fashion at its best!


Design Process

Design conceptualization plays a crucial part in the custom made experience.

Our special 3-D configurator allows you to select every component of your Civardi shoe from the leather materials, the color scheme, the color of laces, the lining and stitching, and even the type of soles to be used…. Don’t forget to look at our golf shoe soles – you can create a pair of bespoke golf shoes that are as unique and wild as your swing!! We can even incorporate custom design elements if necessary. Just coordinate your ideas with our design team and we’ll be more than happy to look into it.

Similarly enjoy the freedom to choose all the details of your bespoke belt from the outer material, the inner lining through to the colour and shape of the buckle.


Shipping & Size Exchanges provides worldwide shipping. So, no matter where you are, you can still enjoy our brand of comfort and luxury that only custom made Civardi shoes can bring to your feet!

Import and tax payments are excluded from the checkout price. So standard shipping rates, custom, and tax rates may apply depending on which country you are in. Please refer to your local customs if any applicable payments are required before receiving our shipment.

We also offer free size exchanges in the event that your shoes don’t fit. This is in line with our purpose of providing a unique product that exemplifies the real “you”.


Get in touch with us anytime for questions, suggestions, and recommendations. is always available to address any concerns you have in mind.