Belts Collection

Order or custom design a belt to perfectly compliment your Civardi footwear...


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Above you will find a range of our Mainline & Patina Leather Belts.

This represents an overview of what is possible when ordering a belt from the Civardi belts collection.

You may customize any of the designs shown above and create a unique bespoke belt which perfectly compliments your footwear.

The Mainline Belts range includes belts produced in leathers, suedes and fabrics.

The Patina Belts range includes belts produced in various colors and patterns from our patina leather collection.


In addition to the material of the belt, you may also choose the shape and color of the belt buckle. The Belts Collection includes rounded & square buckle shapes and these are available in gold, old gold, silver & graphite color finishes.


Please note that all Civardi belts have a removable buckle, allowing for simple down-sizing. For this reason we recommend that you order a size that is on the larger side of your requirements.