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Our Mainline Belts collection includes a range of belt designs produced in our mainline collection of leathers, suedes & fabrics.

Mainline leathers include box-calf, painted calf, full-grain, pebble-grain and patent…amongst others. Added to these we have super-soft kid suede, more robust luxury suede and an assortment of sartorial fabrics.

We offer our Mainline belts in four different models – The Hamptons, The Marseilles, The SunValley and The Venice.

Our Hamptons belt is the perfect option if you are looking for a regular plain belt.

The Marseilles is split into two halves along it’s length and so offers the opportunity to use two different materials. You may also choose the color of the stitching which joins the two halves together. In addition to this there is also a third piece added at the tail end of the belt allowing for further contrasting, if required.

The SunValley is similar to the Marseilles in that it is also split into two halves lengthways however instead of stitching at the join there is a punched broguing detail, making this belt ideal for any kind of “brogue” footwear. Whilst you don’t have to use contrasting colors, the black and grey suede Mercury belt really accentuates the brogue effect.

Finally we have The Venice – a very special belt built for custom designing! The Venice belt model has a central “channel” running along the length from the buckle to just before the tail. A bold contrast can be achieved or perhaps something more subtle like a change of materials as can be seen in The Marco belt design.

Should you choose to customise any of our belt models you will have access to our full range of mainline materials. You may also choose the lining and of course the shape and color of your buckle.

Please remember that all Civardi mainline belts have a removable buckle, allowing for simple down-sizing. For this reason we recommend that you order a size that is on the larger side of your requirements.