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Luxury Men’s Belts

Order a man’s belt from our Mainline Belts collection of stunning leather, suede and fabric designs.

Each of our mainline belts is hand-crafted in a range of quality materials and can be custom designed to match your footwear.

Order any of the above designs in your chosen size and we’ll make it and ship to you free of charge.

Alternatively you may customize the design to create a luxurious bespoke belt.

Belt Models

We offer our Mainline belts in four unique models. Each model has it’s own characteristics, offering you a choice of belt designs depending on your needs.

The Hamptons

The simplest of our belt models, the Hamptons is produced in one single material. A great choice when looking for a classic belt design and it looks good in all materials. Our cream suede Butter belt design is simple but highly effective.

The Marseilles

A special belt construction, split into two halves along it’s length, offers the opportunity to contrast with different colors or materials. Our Cote belt is a good example, contrasting green flannel and brown leather.

The central stitching which joins the two halves together can also be contrasted to become a feature in itself. There’s also a third piece added at the tail-end of the belt, allowing for further contrasting if required.

The SunValley

Similar in construction to the Marseilles, our SunValley belt features a line of brogue-style punching where the two sections meet. This really is the perfect belt to go with a pair of brogues!

You can buy this belt in a single material or use a contrast design like our Pluto belt which mixes a grey suede and navy leather for the ultimate brogue effect!

The Venice

Another special belt model, perfect for custom belt designs! The Venice belt model has a central “canal” running along its length from the buckle to just before the tail.

You can choose a bold contrast like that seen on our Regatto belt design which mixes navy suedes and white leather. A more subtle contast can also be achieved, perhaps using a different material in the same color – the Grassi belt uses embossed croco leather for a subtle, yet effective detail.

Custom Belt Designs

If you choose to create a custom belt design you will be able to select from our full range of leathers, suedes and fabrics.

Depending on the model, you’ll be able to mix different materials and colors together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with interesting contrast designs. We mixed blue leather with a fancy tartan fabric on the Polo belt design and it looks stunning! Remember that the belt-loop can contrast the rest of the belt, regardless of the model.

Of course the main materials are only a part of any bespoke belt – you can also choose the style and color of the buckle. Choose from a rounded or squared buckle and select the color from gold, silver, old gold & graphite.

Dont forget to choose the color of lining for your custom belt. For our Mainline Belts we offer quality nubuck and box-calf leather linings in an exciting choice of colors.