Patina Leather Belts

Order a stunning patina leather belt from our range of stylish designs


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Luxury Patina Belts

Order a stylish man’s belt from our selection of beautiful patina leather designs.

Each patina belt is lovingly hand-polished by our team of talented patina artists. We offer belts in a range of patina leather patterns and colors with a choice of buckle styles.

Order any of the above designs in your chosen size and we’ll make it and ship to you free of charge.

Alternatively you may customize the design to create a bespoke patina belt.

Patina Leathers

We can apply special patina finishing to your belt in a range of colors and patterns. Each patina pattern has it’s own range of available colors.

Our regular patina pattern creates a brush-stroke effect on the leather and is a very popular choice. Available in no fewer than 8 colors, it looks particularly striking in a rich khaki green as shown on the Eastport belt design.

The papiro pattern produces an interesting “criss-cross” design on the leather. Highly effective in all colors, it adds richness and color variation to your belt as seen on our stunning Speonk belt.

Marbled pattern patina is exactly like it sounds, producing a finish similar to that seen on a slab of marble. Available in eight different colors, it is highly effective in grey as can be seen on the Westport belt above.

Similar in many ways to the marbled pattern we offer a museum patina. The museum pattern produces beautiful shades of light and dark on the leather. Offered in four unique colors, this patina offers an unequalled depth of color.

Last but by no means least is the fabulous camo patterned patina leather. This exciting pattern is offered in four colors including the classic khaki green.

Custom Patina Belt Designs

If you choose to create a custom belt design you will be able to select from our full range of patina leathers. If desired, you may use a different patina for the belt-loop!

Of course the patina leather is only one part of any bespoke belt – you can also choose the style and color of the buckle. Choose from a rounded or squared buckle and select the color from gold, silver, old gold & graphite.

Dont forget to choose the color of lining for your custom patina belt. We offer quality box-calf leather lining in a choice of eight exciting colors.