Mainline Balmoral Boots

Good enough for Prince Albert - possibly our favourite style of boot...


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The mainline Balmoral boot is a stunning boot design, suitable for most occasions.

Originally conceived as a walking boot for Prince Albert, it quickly became a favourite of the aristocracy. Named after the Balmoral estate where Albert and Queen Victoria spent much of their time, the Balmoral boot is often referred to as an Oxford Boot – due to the closed-lacing system, also found on an Oxford shoe. There is however one key feature which makes a Balmoral boot a unique style of boots in its own right.

The distinguishing feature of a Balmoral boot is to be found in the horizontal seam which runs the full length of the boot. This clear division means that the top and bottom sections are often, though not always, made in contrasting colours or indeed different materials altogether.

Our range of mainline Balmoral boots are produced with a toe-cap, which can be left plain or alternatively can be punched. Many of our designs include some form of contrast, with leather and suede being the most popular mix. Tartan Balmorals are also popular along with denim and leather combinations.

The range shown above is only a selection of what is possible with Civardi. All designs can be fully customised by you simply by choosing the “customise & order” option.

So, please have fun experimenting with each design until you have created your own unique mainline Balmoral boots – our artisan craftsmen will bring your vision to life!