Mainline Chelsea Multi Boots

A modern take on the classic Chelsea boot...


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The mainline Chelsea Multi boot by Civardi is our modern version of this timeless classic.

Whilst we agree that there is no need to re-invent the wheel, we have realised that the classic Chelsea has some limitations in terms of contrasts and customisations.

With this in mind, we have taken our classic Chelsea boot and split it into more separate pieces. Also, we have changed the shape of our elastics to provide for a more contemporary and angular aesthetic.

Our range of mainline Chelsea Multi boots can be produced in a huge range of colours and materials. You might try mixing different leathers or create a patchwork suede effect. For those who are brave enough, we can mix a range of different materials to produce a truly unique Chelsea boot.

The range shown above is only a selection of what is possible with Civardi. All designs can be fully customised by you simply by choosing the “customise & order” option.

So, please have fun experimenting with each design until you have created your own unique mainline Chelsea boots – our artisan craftsmen will bring your vision to life!