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Stylish Lace-Up Ankle Boots

The Chukka is possibly the most relaxed boot model of all. It’s simple 2-eyelet lace-up design makes it an extremely comfortable boot to wear.

As with most men’s footwear, there is some dispute regarding the origins of this design. One thing that we can say for sure is that it evolved in some way from the game of Polo, most probably from British servicemen stationed in India.

The Chukka is an ankle-height lace-up boot, produced from two separate pieces of material. Traditionally chukka boots were often unlined but at Civardi we make ours with a fine leather lining for comfort and durability.

Our range of Chukka boots can be produced with or without a toe-cap.

Choose Your Design

The most classic chukka design of all is produced in suede, however we also produce many leather chukkas and other fabrics such as flannel.

The 2-piece design of this boot also lends itself to producing a two-tone design!