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The Double Monk Boot

The double monk boot is a result of our search for a boot design that shares the overall aesthetic of our famous monk shoes.

Distinctive Features

Aside from the obvious pair of buckles, the main feature of this design is a zipper hidden on the inner side of the ankle. This aids with putting-on and taking off this buckle boot and means that the buckles don’t need to be endlessly done and undone.

Our double monk boots have a horizontal seam running down the side of the boot, from the vamp to the heel. This is a feature that it shares with our equally dapper Balmoral boots.

This split design, along with a separate toe-cap, allow for a range of different contrast options.

Design Options

This stylish boot can be produced in a range of leathers, suedes, fabrics and luxury patinas.

Plain designs in leather or suede have always been popular whether in a uniform design like the khaki suede Trapani model or with a subtle contrast of colors as seen on our Roma boot which skilfully blends two different shades of brown leather.

Suede and leather can be combined to great effect. The Empola boot is a particularly interesting example and there are many ways in which the materials can be combined.

However it is the contrast designs using fabrics that really stand-out. The Prato boot combines navy leather with a grey herringbone tweed fabric and looks pretty amazing!

If you like a luxurious double-monk boot then check-out the Bari patina boot design from our special range of patina leather boots. The navy patina looks incredible in double-monk form.

Custom Designs

All of our designs can be fully customised by choosing the “customise & order” option. You have the freedom to choose from a vast range of materials, soles and many more custom design details.

Have fun experimenting with each design until you’ve created the perfect pair of bespoke double monk boots – our artisan craftsmen will bring your vision to life!