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Leather, suede & fabric boots - order or customise a pair from our range of models below


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Leather, Suede & Fabric Boots

Our Mainline Boots collection includes all men’s boot models produced in leather, suede & fabric. All Civardi mainline boots are handmade on Goodyear-welted soles, using tried & tested production methods.

Many of our boot designs combine more than one material and we provide you with a vast range of customization options.

Order any of the above designs in your chosen size and we’ll make them and ship to you free of charge.

Alternatively, you may customize any of our designs and thus create your own custom pair of bespoke boots.

Leather Boot Designs

We offer a large range of leathers in various grades and finishes. Our box-calf leathers are perfect for a plain design such as the stunning cognac Hamil Chelsea boot.

If you prefer a textured leather then be sure to look at our pebble-grain and full-grain leathers. The Jimmy brogue boot is a particularly nice example of a full-grain leather boot.

We also carry an excellent range of embossed croco leathers which offer a less expensive alternative to our genuine alligator boots. The Grieve Chelsea boot comes in a luxurious shade of burgundy but many other colors are available through our custom design option.

Suede Boot Designs

Suede boots are always popular and we’re pleased to offer an excellent range of suedes to choose from. Super-soft kid suedes and thicker luxury suedes are both available in a rainbow of colors.

Our Empola double monk boot skilfully blends black suede with leather to create a stunning design.

The luxurious Balamm jodhpur boot mixes two colors of luxury suede to astounding effect.

Fabric Boots

Fabrics offer an excellent alternative to traditional leather and suede boot designs. We carry a selection of sartorial fabrics including plain flannels, tartans and eye-catching patterns.

A simple plain flannel can be highly effective as seen on our navy flannel Ole Chelsea boot.

Tweeds are always popular and can be used to great effect, especially when mixed with other materials. The Prato double monk boot blends leather with a herringbone tweed to produce a beautiful, unique design.

If you like eye-catching designs then be sure to view our Leopards Chelsea boot, covered in a stunning leopard-print fabric!

Custom Options

Should you choose to customise any of our boot models, you’ll have access to our full range of mainline materials. There’s no limit to the number of materials that can be used on your custom boot design!

Our 3D product configurator allows you to choose not only the main materials but also the minor details, such as the color of laces or buckles.

You can choose from a range of Goodyear welted soles including plain leather, Dainite rubber and more. Most of our soles offer a choice of available colors, welts and heel-heights.

A more casual boot can easily be created by selecting our special Vibram rubber sole. Our Armour brogue boots are a great example of the effect this sole can have on the overall aesthetic of your design.

With such an incredible selection of models, materials and custom design options we hope you enjoy purchasing a truly unique pair of leather, suede or fabric boots!