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Luxury Patina Boots

Choose a design from our collection of patina leather boots for men. Each patina leather boot is hand-polished by our team of experienced patina artists and color maestros.

We can craft our boots from a dazzling range of patina leathers, in various unique patterns and colors.

Order any of the above designs in your chosen size and we’ll make them and ship to you free of charge.

Alternatively, you may customize any of our designs and thus create a custom pair of bespoke patina leather boots.

Our Patina Leathers

Our patina finishes are applied to raw, natural crust Italian leathers using a variety of sponges, brushes, waxes, oils and polishes! This is a highly skilled, labor-intensive process which requires concentration and experience.

Thankfully we have an amazing team of in-house patina artists who can apply your chosen patinas in a range of patterns and colors.

Regular Patina

Our regular patina pattern creates a brush-stroke effect on the leather. Available in a range of 8 colors it looks particularly good in the rich brown shade found on our Lagan Chelsea boots.

Papiro Patina

Producing an interesting “criss-cross” pattern on the leather, our papiro patina is a popular choice across our entire range of patina leather footwear. You can see it in vibrant turquoise on the not for the faint-hearted Parade brogue boot!

Marbled Patina

Marbled pattern patina leather is exactly as it sounds, producing a leather finish similar to that seen on a slab of marble. Available in 8 stylish colors, we particularly like it in navy blue as see on the Steele Chelsea boot design.

Museum Patina

The museum patina finish creates an unmistakable, antiqued appearance to the leather. An indistinct pattern of light and dark shading has an aged quality and looks incredible in all 4 available colors. Our Kipling Jodhpur boot contrasts tobacco and aubergine museum patina to produce an incredibly beautiful design.

Camo Patina

Short for camouflage, the camo patina leather is a modern take on traditional patina leather craft. This exciting pattern is offered in four colorways including the rich browns found on our unique Norman Chukka boots.

Custom Options

All of our patina leather boot designs can be fully customized online. Should you choose to customise any of our patina boots you will have access to the full range of patina leathers.

There’s no limit to the number of patina patterns and indeed colors that can be used on your custom boot design! Try selecting a combination to create a unique two-tone design like our Lion Jodhpur boot.

Other materials can be introduced to your custom patina boots. Patina leathers and suedes work well together as can be seen on the stylish Jude jodhpur boot. We absolutely love the use of tweed fabric on our Roberto Balmoral boot!

Our 3D product configurator allows you to choose not only the main materials but also the minor details, such as the color of laces or buckles.

You can choose from a range of Goodyear welted soles including plain leather, Dainite rubber and more. Most of our soles offer a choice of available colors, welts and heel-heights. For the true connoisseurs we offer a special fiddle-waist sole which can be seen on the classy Rudyard patina jodhpur boot.

With such an incredible selection of patina leather, boot models and custom design options we hope you enjoy purchasing a truly amazing pair of patina leather boots!