Python Boots

Order genuine python boots for men from a selection of stylish designs


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Genuine Python Boots

Order a design from our growing collection of stylish python boots for men.

Each boot is hand-crafted from a piece of genuine python leather by our experienced craftsmen.

We can make men’s python footwear in a range of colors and an ever-increasing list of models.

Order any of the above designs in your chosen size and we’ll make them and ship to you free of charge.

Alternatively, you may customize any design and thus create a pair of truly unique, bespoke python boots.

Selection of Colors

At Civardi we hold stock of python leathers in a range of colors, from navy blue through to the gorgeous medium-brown found on the Bruce jodhpur boot design.

Depending on the model, different colors of python can be mixed together to create a stylish contrast design. Our Jon jodhpur boot is a great example of this, mixing burgundy with tan to astounding effect!

You can also introduce other materials into your design if desired. Check-out our Simmons jodhpur boot which skilfully blends grey python and suede together.

Custom Options

All of our designs can be fully customized online.

Our 3D product configurator allows you to choose not only the main material but also trimmings, lining and more.

We produce our boots on a range of Goodyear-welted soles. Choose whichever sole you prefer from the available options.

Enjoy using our custom design options to create your own unique design!

Responsible Production

At Civardi we only use genuine python leather – the finest available. All skins are sourced from responsible suppliers who meet with all of the relevant standards regarding animal husbandry and environmental impact. You may find out more about our python leathers on our Exotic Skins blogpost.