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Surely the most luxurious casual footwear of all is a pair of genuine alligator sneakers!

Above you will find our selection of alligator designs for men, all of which may be ordered as they are – or alternatively you may customise any design.

Civardi alligator skin casual footwear available in a range of colours including various shades of tan and brown, grey, black, navy, red and burgundy.

We currently offer alligator skins in hi-tops, trainers and sneakers with many more to follow!

Different colors are available for the rubber soles – you can choose from white, caramel or a mean-looking black as found on the Irwin alligator trainers. You can also adjust the thickness of our rubber soles.

You don’t have to choose only one color of skin for your designs – bi-color models like the stunning Flash alligator hi-tops are very popular.

For alligator sneakers we currently offer two different models. We have a classic slip-on sneaker seen in plain black on the Stealth design and an amazing, double-monk style, alligator monk sneaker. The Snapps design really highlights the uniqueness of this sneaker.

At Civardi we only use genuine American Alligator skin – the finest skins available. All skins are sourced from responsible suppliers who meet with all of the relevant standards regarding animal husbandry and environmental impact.

You may find out more about our alligator skins by reading our Exotic Skins blogpost.