Mainline Casual Footwear

From trainers to hi-tops we love casual footwear - choose from our designs below or customize your own unique style...

Order or customize from our large collection of men’s Mainline Casual Footwear designs

The mainline collection includes casual shoes and boots in a range of leathers, suedes and fabrics. Be sure to also look at our other casual collections including special patina leathers, python, ostrich and alligator!

Lace-up, slip-on and even buckle style casual footwear designs are available. All of our designs can be ordered as they are or, if you prefer, can be customized by you!

Read on to find out more about this fantastic collection…

Slip-on Sneaker Styles

At Civardi we offer slip-on sneaker designs including unique Belgian Sneakers along with our classic Slip-On Sneakers.

Belgian Sneakers

Think of this design as an iconic Belgian loafer with a comfortable, casual rubber sole unit. The unique Belgian construction with a seperate apron allows for some interesting contrast designs such as the houndstooth and linen Nainggolan Belgian Sneaker.

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Classic Slip-On Sneakers

The classic slip-on design, reminiscent of skateboarding shoes of the past, is a hard act to follow. A simple, no-nonsense sneaker design with elastics at the ankle for ease of wear and comfort. Fabric models exude a retro look with the tartan Gregor Slip-On Sneaker being a particular favorite!

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Special Double Monk Sneakers

If you are looking for a sneaker style that is that little bit unique then be sure to check-out our stylish Monk Sneakers, sporting dapper double-monk style strap and buckles! Civardi Monk Sneakers are built on our Belgian sneakers base with the obvious addition of the buckles. The Belgian construction and buckle straps allow for amazing contrasts as found in our stunning Bruegel Monk Sneakers.

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Casual Loafers And Moccasins

We’ve recently added a range of moccasin style shoes and loafers to our casual footwear collection.

Casual Moccasin Shoes

Civardi moccasins are a laid-back take on a loafer. Produced on a stitched sole unit with the classic heavily stiched seam details of a traditional moccasin. Our moccasins can be ordered with various design details including a lace tied in a bow or a simple “penny loafer” style mask. The Les Snaffle Moccasin, complete with horsebit bar is particularly beautiful!

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Casual Loafers

Our new Sport Flex Loafer is a very special type of casual loafer. Produced in a range of unlined Italian suedes, these loafers offer the unlimate in softness and comfort. Offered on a uniquely flexible rubber sole these loafers are perfect for travelling… with or without socks! The Jaye Sport Flex Loafer fully displays the potential of this stylish casual design.

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Boat Shoes And Driving Shoes

No casual footwear collection would be complete without these two classic designs! You can now order or customize from a range of iconic Boat Shoes or timeless Driving Shoes.

Boat Shoes

Civardi boat shoes, also known as deck shoes, are handmade on the classic non-marking white rubber sole unit that is so long associated with this stylish shoe design. In accordance with tradition we use leather laces on our boat shoes. With Civardi’s range of customization options it’s possible to create a boat shoe design that is truly unique. Our multi-colored Squadron Boat Shoes are a good example of the possibilites!

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Driving Shoes

Whilst not necessarily for driving, this famous casual style is always a popular choice. Civardi’s range of driving shoes are handmade on the iconic “gommini” sole, with rubber dimples protruding through the sole and heel. Drivers can be produced with lace details, plain or with a penny mask. Whilst leathers are popular, our range of luxury suedes look particularly elegant. Keep it low-key or go all-out with a bold suede design like the Alonso Driving Shoe!

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Unique Range of Trainers

At Civardi we offer a large range of trainer styles, all of which can be fully customized by you! We have no fewer than five different trainer models to choose from:

  1. TRAINER – a classic trainer design with side panels and a central section running from the toe to the tongue. This model looks particularly well with a contrast design such as the grey flannel Chiellini trainer with it’s contrasting leather mid-section.
  2. TOPSIDER – a blend between a trainer and an Oxford shoe due to it’s closed lacing style. Tends to have a slightly more formal appearance and works particularly well in plain leather styles such as the Alva Topsider.
  3. LOW-TOP – based on our highly successful hi-top boots, this trainer model benefits from a panelled construction providing added stability and customization options! The plain white leather Joe design has proven extremely popular.
  4. CORSINI – a hybrid style between a classic running shoe and an Italian fashion trainer. The Corsini trainer features a slightly wedged rubber running sole. This model looks particularly good with a mix of different materials as can be seen in the suede and linen Davide design.
  5. JOGGER – our most sophicticated trainer model due to the special Vibram cushioned rubber sole unit and heel stabiliser. The Jogger is ideal for designing a pair of retro-style trainers, complete with fabric mesh as seen on the stunning Ovett design!

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Casual Hi-Tops And Chelsea Boots

You can now order or customize a range of casual boot designs from Civardi including iconic Hi-Tops and timeless Chelsea boots!


We offer two distinctive models of hi-top boots – the classic and the special multi-panel design. Both models are available in a range of leathers, suedes and fabrics. The classic Hi-Top looks particularly good in an unusual material such as the linen Malone design. The Multi-Panel Hi-Top boot lends itself to contrast designs like the luxurious suede and leather Larry boot.

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Chelsea Sport Boots

If you prefer a slip-on casual boot then be sure to check-out our new range of casual Chelsea Sport Boots! In addition to the normal elasticated ankle, we’ve added a zipper on the inner side. Handmade on a thick rubber cup sole this is set to become an iconic casual footwear design. Soft suedes are particularly comfortable as found in the Louis design – think of these as a sneaker combined with a Chelsea boot!

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