Mainline Trainers

The most stylish trainers on the planet - and you can custom design your own pair...

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Above you will find a range of our Mainline Trainers available to order or customize.

At Civardi we love trainers. So much in fact that we now have four different trainer models to choose from:

  • The Corsini – a hybrid between a running shoe and a trainer, sitting on a gently sloping wedge sole
  • The Low-Top – our newest trainer model inspired by our ever popular hi-tops. This model is a multi-panel construction allowing for endless contrasts and customizations
  • The Topsider – inspired by classic trainer styles and benefiting from an extended toe-piece and oxford style closed lacing system
  • The Trainer – quite simply a modern classic with a simple construction of two side panels and a mid-section

If you choose to custom design your own pair of trainers from our mainline collection, you will be able to choose from our full range of leathers, suedes and fabrics.

The Corsini model is particularly popular for trainers that mix more than one different material like on the linen and suede Davide. It’s special sole unit is inspired by running shoes of the past.

The Topsider is a great choice for simple classic designs like the brown leather Alva design.

The Trainer is a classic and as such can be anything you want it to be from a clean white leather Maldini to a luxurious croco leather Buffon.

Our newest trainer model, The Low-Top looks particularly well in our range of suede materials. The forest green kid suede Bobby really catches the eye!

We at Civardi really hope you enjoy designing your own special pair of trainers – to be quite honest about it, we really enjoy seeing how your mainline designs turn out!