Stencil Art Casual Footwear

Order hand-painted Stencil Art casual footwear or create a custom design


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Hand-Painted Casual Footwear

We’ve created our own Stencil Studio employing skilled artists to create a wide range of stencil art casual footwear. Buy one of our designs shown above or customize it to create your own unique design!

Stencil Art has become an extremely popular option for men’s casual footwear. Now with Civardi you can design your stencilled footwear right here and our stencil artists will bring your design to life!

You can currently order and customize stencil art designs on a selection of hi-tops, low-tops and trainers.

Stencil Patterns & Emblems

We offer an eclectic range of stencil designs including background patterns and standalone emblems.

Patterns and emblems can be combined within the same design to create a totally unique piece of casual footwear. The Ahoy hi-top boot makes use of a hand-writing pattern and an anchor emblem.

In other models only a pattern is used – the Darkside low-top trainer is painted with our pixel camo pattern.

Custom Designs

In addition to choosing which leather to use as your canvas, you also choose the color of paint for your stencil art.

The Spangled trainer uses the a star pattern in two different colors – the possibilities really are endless!

You can have a lot of fun with our range of stencil emblems and logos. Batman fans will love the Gotham trainer with it’s hand-painted artwork and logos.

Those of a more laid-back disposition might appreciate the Marley low-top which mixes the face of the great Bob Marley and a marijuana leaf!

Be sure to browse through our full range of stencil art designs and create hand-painted footwear that really reflects your personality and passions!