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Timeless Custom Driving Shoes

Driving Shoes also known as driving loafers or even simply “drivers” have long been a popular choice in men’s luxury casual footwear.

Whilst they are no longer simply used for driving the classic design is centred around a genuine functionality.

The moccasin construction allows for a comfortable yet close-fitting casual shoe which is also very flexible.

The Dotted Rubber Soles

Possibly the most defining feature of a driving shoe is the unique rubber “dotted” sole. The dots, also known as pebbles or dimples, are stitched through the base of the moccasin, both along the sole and also behind the heel.

These rubber dots are very flexible and provide excellent grip thus preventing the heel from slipping on the floor of the vehicle.

Design Your Own Pair

At Civardi we are very pleased that driving shoes have become fashionable footwear in their own right. Our range of leathers and suedes mean that our driving shoe designs can be produced in an array of colors and combinations.

We offer plain driving shoe styles in addition to laced models with a bow and of course the penny loafer style with a leather strap across the bridge.

A range of leather and suede colors can be used to design our driving moccasins.

Whilst single color designs are always popular, the driving shoe construction allows for the use of a contrasting colors.

When designing a Civardi custom driving loafer it is also possible to choose the color of the prominent moccasin stitching as well as the colour of those signature rubber dimples on the sole.

Please enjoy choosing from our range or if you prefer custom design your own unique pair of stylish drivers.