Order custom casual moccasins from a range of designs and options

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Order Casual Moccasin Shoes Online

Moccasins have come a long way from their native American origins. They are now a popular option for a casual shoe that is smart enough for many occasions.

Our moccasin shoes are available to order in a range of leathers and suedes and can be designed with various details including laced with a bow, “penny” style, “snaffle” style horsebit designs or completely plain.

The moccasin construction provides comfort, along with the ability to contrast the prominent stitching in a stand-out color.

Create Your Own Custom Design

Whilst single color designs are always popular, particularly in bright suedes, the unique moccasin construction allows for the use of a contrasting color on the top vamp section.

Traditionally moccasins did not have a sole as such, however we have created our design to accomodate various different sole options.

You can choose to have plain leather, leather with a rubber “island” for added grip, a half-rubber semi-splayed sole, a leather sole with rubber injections or indeed a rubber dimple sole for a very casual appearance.

We at Civardi hope that you enjoy choosing between the range of custom options available and encourage you to create your own unique designs!