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Bring your unique style to the fairways with our selection of men's luxury golf shoes


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Buy or Design Custom Golf Shoes

Choose from our range of styles above and custom design your chosen luxury golf shoes to suit your personality.

We offer a large collection of traditional golf shoe designs, each of which can be customized in a range of leathers, suedes and fabrics.

Quality Water-Resistant Soles

Civardi golf shoes are handmade on a special water-resistant leather golf sole unit with the Pulsar Softspikes cleat system.

The Pulsar Softspikes system delivers maximum comfort and performance via a 16 component design that reacts to every angle of force exerted by the golfer.

Reinforced arched webbing between each of Pulsar’s legs delivers instant energy return every time the cleat is compressed – resulting in a cleat that offers unmatched stability and comfort.

Golf Shoe Designs

We produce golf shoes in a range of designs, from traditional leather models through to unique fabric styles!

Materials for Golf Shoes

At Civardi we keep a stock of leathers, suedes and fabrics, specially treated to provide water resistance.

If you decide to customize a golf shoe design, you can choose from the full range of golf shoe materials.

Lace-Up Golf Shoes

Traditionally, golf shoes have been produced with laces.

The Saddle shoe is a popular golf shoe design. Normally produced in an eye-catching two-tone design, the saddle shoe is an excellent candidate for customization. The Palmer is a great example of this iconic golf shoe design.

Lace-up brogues can also be worn on the golf course. We sell full brogue golf shoes in addition to a stylish longwing blucher brogue design. Our full brogue shoe comes with a wingtip toe, as seen on the Hogan.

The extended toe-cap of a longwing blucher brogue creates a stylish golf shoe, as can be seen on our stunning brown and navy Couples design!

Oxford shoes are well suited to the golf course due to their closed-lacing system, which helps prevent water leaking into the shoe.

We offer traditonal Oxford golf shoes in addition to sleek wholecut Oxford designs. The toe-cap on our Oxford golf shoes allows for beautiful contrast designs like the McIlroy.

The clean lines of a wholecut golf shoe are perfect for single color designs, such as the luxurious, pebble grain leather Kite shoe.

Monk Style Golf Shoes

For a more unique golf shoe, please take a look at our beautiful monk shoe models.

Double monk golf shoes look fabulous and will surely attract the attention of your playing partners. The Monty, with it’s unique tartan design is one of our most best-selling golf shoes.

If you prefer the simpler aesthetic of a single monk shoe, the Watson may be of interest. Also featuring a tartan fabric, this shoe can of course be customized to suit your personal tastes.

Slip-On Golf Loafers

Buy or customize a pair of slip-on loafers for the golf course! We sell a range of golf loafers, all of which can be fully customized. You can now step onto the links in a pair of penny loafers, tassel loafers or even in a pair of Fowler camouflage horsebit loafers!