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Welcome to the complete collection of quality, Goodyear-welted men’s shoes by Civardi. Each and every pair of is handmade in Europe by a team of experienced, artisan shoe makers.

You can order in a wide range of materials including leathers, suede, fabrics, patina leather and genuine python, ostrich and alligator!

Browse through our full range of models or use the filters to narrow-down your search. You can filter by model, material, color etc.

In addition, each design can be completely customized by you, using our incredible 3D configuration tool.

Now you can finally buy the bespoke shoes you’ve always wanted!

Lace-Up Styles

We sell a range of lace-up shoe models, covering everything from traditional brogues to sleek wholecut Oxfords.

Oxford Shoes

Perhaps the most classic shoe model of all, we offer a wide range of Oxford shoe designs for sale.

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Derby Shoes

Slightly less formal than an Oxford, the Derby is extremely popular due to it’s versitility. We offer classic Derby shoes as well as unique Split Toe designs.

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Wholecut Shoes

The Wholecut is a unique style of Oxford shoe, hand-shaped from a single piece of material. A Civardi Wholecut shoe can be produced in the traditional plain design or with brogue style punching.

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Brogue Shoes

Based on a timeless classic, our full brogues come complete with the essential punching throughout the design.

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Longwing Blucher Shoes

The Civardi Longwing Blucher is a special type of brogue shoe. This design gets it’s name from the extended wing-tip toe which extends the full length of the shoe.

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Saddle Shoes

A lace-up shoe with the addition of a saddle-shaped piece of leather, stitched across the vamp. This construction allows for wonderful contrast designs.

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Slip-On Styles

Choose to buy or customize a design from our range of slip-on loafers.

Slip-On Loafers

Those looking for a slip-on shoe model will be well catered for by our collection of men’s Loafers. Available in a range of styles including Tassel loafers, Horsebit snaffle loafers and the famous Penny loafer.

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Buckle Styles

Choose to buy from our range of monk shoe models including single and double monk-strap designs. When customizing a monk shoe, you will be able to choose the shape and indeed the color of your buckles!

Double Monk Shoes

One of the most popular men’s shoe styles in recent times, the Civardi double-monk can be ordered or customized in a wide range of materials.

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Single Monk Shoes

Similar to it’s double strapped relation, the single-monk shoe is a good choice for those who seek a monk shoe that is a little more unique.

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Shop Shoes By Material

Civardi shoes can be ordered in a wide range of materials. From leathers & suedes through to luxurious patina leathers, python, ostrich and alligator!

Mainline Shoe Collection

If you want to buy or custom design men’s shoes in a range of leathers, suedes and fabrics, then the Mainline Shoe Collection is the one for you.

We produce shoes in several different leathers, two different grades of suede and an excellent range of sartorial fabrics.

Each material is available in an array of colors, allowing for almost unlimited customizations.

Visit the Mainline Shoes Collection

Patina Leather Shoes

The Patina Shoe Collection speaks for itself, making full use of our exquisite range of hand-painted patina leathers.

We offer these exclusive shoe designs in a range of different patina patterns, from a brush-stroke effect through to a camouflage design!

Each patina patterned leather is available in a range of colors and intensities.

Visit the Patina Shoes Collection

Genuine Python Shoes

Civardi offer a range of men’s python shoes, handmade in genuine exotic python skins.

We only choose the finest skins available and offer a range of colors to choose from.

You can buy a pair of python shoes in a single color or combine more than one color.

Civardi’s python shoes are available to order or customize at an unbeatable price.

Visit the Python Shoes Collection

Genuine Ostrich Shoes

Ostrich shoes have become extremely popular in the men’s footwear market.

Our collection of genuine ostrich shoes are available to buy in a range of colors.

Choose to buy one of our designs as it is displayed, or customize it to create the pair of ostrich shoes you desire.

Visit the Ostrich Shoes Collection

Genuine Alligator Shoes

If you are looking for truly luxurious shoes, then be sure to check out our stunning range of Alligator shoes.

Using only the best American alligator skins, Civardi gives you the opportunity to buy or custom design REAL alligator shoes at an astonishingly good price.

Choose from a range of shoe models and pick from a selection of colors.

Visit the Alligator Shoes Collection

Quality Goodyear Manufacturing

All Civardi shoes are produced using a time-honored Goodyear welted construction. This labor-intensive method of production results in a product of superior quality and durability.

We source our range of Goodyear welted soles from the best suppliers in Europe. Plain leather, Dainite rubber and a few interesting combinations are available.

We also offer a special Vibram rubber sole for those seeking an urban casual look.

You can learn about our range of Goodyear welted soles in this blog post.

Welt Styles

With Civardi you can also choose from three different styles of welt.

The City Welt is the finest and most formal.

Our Country Welt is slightly chunkier and less formal.

Finally, we offer a Storm Welt which is casual in appearance and offers the best protection from the elements.

Toe Shapes

All designs can be produced with the toe-shape of your choice. We offer three different lasts to choose from:

  • ZURIGO – a traditional, rounded toe shape
  • MONTI – a fashionable squared toe
  • SAVILE – modern, slightly chiselled toe

Heel Heights

We have added the option to increase the height of the heel.

The standard heel height is approximately 26 mm (1 inch). With the higher heel you can add up 8 mm (0.31 inch) in height for a total of 34 mm (1.34 inch).

The visual differences are minimal, they usually go unnoticed but you do get to add that little bit of extra height. The fitting and comfort provided on the higher heel is exactly the same as on the standard height.