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The range of Double Monks shown above is only a selection of what is possible with Civardi Shoes.

All Civardi double monk shoe designs can be ordered exactly as they appear on the screen.

Alternatively you can fully customize any design, simply by choosing the “Customise & Order” option. This way, you are able to design and purchase your own bespoke double monk shoes!

What are Double Monk Shoes?

The Double Monk shoe has enjoyed a remarkable resurgance in recent times and it is easy to see why. In our collection of Mainline Double Monks we offer a broad range of designs for this much celebrated shoe.

Sitting somewhere between an Oxford and a Loafer, the double monk combines the slip-on aspects of a loafer with the structural formality of a lace-up.

The main feature of a double monk is quite obviously the straps and buckles which sit across the vamp. At Civardi we offer buckles in two different shapes, and in four different colors.

It should be noted that the buckles on a monk shoe are functional as well as decorative. That being said, some people like to wear their double-monks “unstrapped” for a more laid-back appearance!

Our Mainline collection of double monk shoes includes designs produced in leathers, suedes and fabrics. You may also wish to view our Patina Double Monk Shoes collection, where you will find a selection of double monk shoes produced in luxurious handmade patina leathers.

Double Monk Designs

Our range of Mainline Double-Monks includes a mixture of classic designs and some fascinating contemporary models.

From the eternal elegance of a dark brown leather Marlon to the unique camouflage flannel & leather Ansilio.

Toe Shapes

Don’t forget to choose the toe-shape for your double monks. Our Zurigo last creates a more traditional looking monk shoe and can be seen on our smart casual Pierro model.

The Tommy design is built on a more fashion focused Monti last, creating a more squared toe-shape.

For a more contemporary style, our Savile last is an excellent choice. This last creates a monk shoe with a slightly chiseled toe and looks fantastic in our stunning tweed Zeppa monks.

Customization Options

If you choose to custom design your double monk shoes, Civardi offers you a vast range of customization options.

Our 3D product configurator allows you to choose even the most minor details such as the color of the shoe-lining and the presence of a punching design on the toe-caps.

Choose Your Buckles

Make no mistake about it – the buckles are an important part of a double monk shoe!

At Civardi you can choose from two different shapes of buckle. We offer square buckles and rounded buckles.

Each buckle shape is offered in four different colors – gold, graphite, silver and copper.

Remember to choose your desired buckles when customizing a pair of Civardi Mainline Double Monk Shoes!

Choose Materials

Mainline Double Monk shoes can be custom designed in a range of materials including leathers, suedes and fabrics.

You can create a custom double monk in one type of material or mix several materials to create a unique contrasting design as seen in our beautiful leather and tweed Mantua monks.

Choose to customize a Double Monk shoe design and experiment with different materials on our special 3D shoe configurator.

Choose the Soles

All Civardi Mainline Shoes are produced on Goodyear Welted soles – a sign of our commitment to time-honored, quality shoe-making.

We are able to offer a range of different Goodyear welted soles including various leather and rubber designs.

A plain leather Goodyear welted sole is the most classic design. When customizing a Civardi shoe, you have the option of choosing the color of this sole. The Pedasso shoe features a cognac colored plain leather sole.

Dainite rubber Goodyear welted soles are famous all over the world. The Dainite is a sturdy and robust sole which manage to maintain the fomal appearance of a leather sole. Our Nera double monks are a nice example of this sole unit.

We also offer Goodyear leather soles with rubber inserts for those who value the breathability of leather but prefer the added stability of rubber. A version of this combo sole can be found on our stunning suede Foresta monk shoes.

At Civardi we are also able to produce our shoes with a very special Bevelled Waist sole. Also known as a “fiddle waist”, this high-end Goodyear welted leather sole comes complete with metal toe-taps. Check out our Night double monks to see this sole in action!

For those who require a more relaxed or urban look, we can produce all of our double monks on a Goodyear welted natural Crepe rubber sole or a chunky Vibram rubber wedge sole.

Don’t forget that for most of our soles there is a choice of available colors, welts and indeed heel-heights.

It’s fair to say that the sole can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of a shoe. Thankfully with Civardi you can see an accurate 3D image of your design when you use our product customization tool.