Patina Loafers

The classic slip-on shoe style - in a range of luxury patina polishes...

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The range of patina leather Loafers shown above is only a selection of what is possible with Civardi Shoes. All Civardi designs can be fully customised by you simply by choosing the “customise & order” option.

So, should you wish to, you may give instructions to our patina artists and they will create the patina loafer of your dreams.

Perhaps loafers are the result of a request for a suitable house shoe for the landed gentry or maybe they stem from a clever combination of Norwegian shoes and a native American moccasin. Whilst we can’t say for certain – one thing that we are sure of is that the slip-on loafer has become an essential component in the modern man’s shoe collection.

At their most basic a loafer is a laceless, slip-on shoe, produced with a separate sole unit.

Over the years many different loafer designs have been developed and you can find them all available within the Civardi collection.

The simplest design of course is a plain loafer – clean & minimalist. Beyond this, you will find more intricate models including the famous penny loafer with a decorative strap across the shoe, tassel loafers with decorative tassels, as well as our stunning snaffle loafers – which you may also know as a “horsebit” loafer.