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Derby Shoe Designs

The Derby is a classic shoe design for any man’s wardrobe.

Equally at home with a pair of jeans or a 3-piece suit, the Derby is a slightly more relaxed version of an Oxford. Also known as a Gibson, the Derby shoe is a popular choice for all occasions.

The main feature of a Derby shoe is found within it’s “open-lacing” method of closure. The eyelets are sewn on top of two separate panels, as opposed to an Oxford which has the panels sewn together at the bottom.

The Classic Derby

Civardi’s classic Derby shoe is a four eyelet lace-up, with an open-laced closure. This style can be produced with or without a toe-cap.

Should you choose to have a toe-cap, you can have a punched toe design or a plain toe, as shown on our Senator Derby shoes.

The Split Toe Derby

This special Derby shoe model shares it’s basic open-laced construction with our classic Derby shoes. The rear of the shoe differs slightly in that a seperate heel-piece is sewn onto the rear quarters.

The key difference however is to be found at the front of the shoe where a curved seam runs around the apron. The toe area in front of this seam is then split vertically into two pieces – thus a Split-Toe Derby!

This design has the effect of elongating the toe and allows for the creation of some truly beautiful lace-up shoe designs such as the rich burnished brown leather Congress design.

Customization Options

At Civardi we offer you a vast range of customization options.

Our 3D product configurator allows you to choose even the most minor details such as the color of laces and shoe-lining.

Choose Materials

We sell our Derby shoes in a large range of materials including leathers, suede, fabrics, patina leather and genuine python, ostrich and alligator!

Depending on the exact model, you can mix materials to create a unique contrasting design.

Choose to customize a design and experiment with different materials on our special 3D shoe configurator.

Choose the Soles

All Civardi shoes are produced on Goodyear Welted soles – a sign of our commitment to time-honored, quality shoe-making.

You can choose from a range of Goodyear welted soles including plain leather and hard-wearing Dainite rubber.

For most of our soles there is a choice of available colors, welts and indeed heel-heights.

It’s fair to say that the sole can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of a shoe. Thankfully with Civardi you can see an accurate 3D image of your design when you use our product customization tool.