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Timeless Full Brogue Shoes

The humble brogue shoe has come a long way from it’s rural beginnings and is now considered to be a key piece in any stylish man’s shoe collection.

Brogues can be casual and rugged or sleek and dressy – the choice is yours.

Distinctive Features

Also known as a wing-tip, the main feature of men’s brogue shoes is found in the punching at the edges of the individual sections of the shoe.

The original purpose of this punching was to help water to drain from the shoes, however it is now a decorative feature. The punching distinguishes a brogue from an Oxford.

Range of Materials

We can make your custom brogue shoes in a huge range of materials. Everything from leather through to genuine python!

Use the Material filter to help you narrow-down the selection.

Endless Design Options

Brogues remain popular in both leather and suede.

A brown leather brogue like the Arthur is a men’s footwear classic.

However it is also possible to mix different colors of leather to produce a brogue that is both stylish and classic. The Daly brogue design offers a nice subtle mixture of brown tones.

All designs can be fully customised by you simply by choosing the “customise & order” option.

Have fun experimenting with each design until you’ve created the bespoke full brogue shoe design of your dreams – we can’t wait to begin making it!