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The Classic Slip-On Style

Perhaps loafers are the result of a request for a suitable house shoe for the landed gentry or maybe they stem from a clever combination of Norwegian shoes and a native American moccasin.

Whilst we can’t say for certain – one thing that we are sure of is that loafers have become an essential component in the modern man’s shoe collection.

Distinctive Features

At their most basic a loafer is a laceless, slip-on shoe, produced with a separate sole unit.

Over the years many different loafer designs have been developed and you can find them all available within the Civardi collection.

The simplest design of course is a plain loafer – clean & minimalist. Beyond this, you will find more intricate models including the famous penny loafer with a decorative strap across the shoe, tassel loafers with decorative tassels, as well as our stunning horsebit loafers – which you may also know as a “snaffle” loafer.

We also make a very special loafer design which has a lace tied into a bow. The Nixon patina leather loafer is a wonderful example of this unique design.

Range of Materials

We can make your custom loafers in a huge range of materials. Everything from suede through to genuine python skin!

Use the Material filter to help you narrow-down the selection.

Endless Design Options

Loafers can be produced in all materials, with leather and suede being the most popular. The Stephen navy suede loafers are one of our most popular designs.

All designs can be fully customised by you simply by choosing the “customise & order” option.

Have fun experimenting with each design until you have created the perfect bespoke slip-on shoes – our skilled craftsmen will bring your custom loafers to life!