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Special Brogue Design

The Longwing Blucher shoe is really a special form of Derby shoe with some elements of a brogue thrown into the mix.

The “open-lacing” system is similar to that found on a derby shoe, whilst the punching of the materials is borrowed directly from a brogue.

Distinctive Features

The “longwing” description refers to the extension of the wing-tip toe-cap which runs down the full length of the shoe to the heel.

This unique construction provides the longwing-blucher shoe with it’s distinctive appearance and makes it a perfect candidate for contrast designs!

Range of Materials

We can make your longwing bluchers in a huge range of materials. Everything from leather through to a tartan fabric!

Use the Material filter to help you narrow-down the selection.

Endless Design Options

You might like an all leather blucher or a pair of suede bluchers but our favorite is the combination of both materials as can be seen in our Richard contrast blucher shoes!

All designs can be fully customised by you simply by choosing the “customise & order” option.

Try using different combinations of materials to create a truly unique design.