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An Exceptional Range of Wholecuts

Wholecut shoes, or to be more exact, wholecut Oxfords are the pinnacle of shoe-making. The clean lines and stunning shape require extra work and additional costs to achieve.

This stylish shoe is more difficult to produce as it’s shape is moulded entirely by the lasting process – you do not benefit from the natural shaping that is provided by stitching different pieces together.

Distinctive Features

A Wholecut is produced from one single large piece of material – hence the name of this design.

On a shoe that is made from individual pieces sewn together, the shoemaker can cut around any imperfections and discard them. This is not possible on a wholecut.

The only seam present is at the back of the heel. For stability we add a small tab to the back of the heel.

Range of Materials

We will make your wholecut shoes in a huge range of materials. Everything from leather through to genuine alligator!

Use the Material filter to help you narrow-down the selection.

Endless Design Options

Wholecut shoes are often left completely plain however at Civardi we can offer wholecuts with either a punched toe design or indeed a full-punched wholecut.

All designs can be fully customised by you simply by choosing the “customise & order” option.

Have fun experimenting with each design until you have designed the wholecut shoes you’ve always wanted!