Mens slippers are not only for lounging around the house! Men’s dress slippers are a footwear choice quite unlike any other. Also called the dinner slipper, Prince Albert, evening slipper, tassel loafer, smoking slipper and slip-on, these elegant and indisputably ostentatious shoes are bold, brazen and utterly flexible.

In recent years the slipper has become an essential mens fashion footwear item. Choose from our rounded toe Wellington model or the Drake model with its slightly squared toe-shape. Or perhaps the Belgian Slipper model with its unique shape and construction. Newest to our collection is the Monk Slipper, a cross between a Belgian Slipper and a double-monk!

We offer an endless range of customisation options on all of our mens slippers – tassles, bows, monogramms or keep it plain and simple – the choice is yours.


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