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Buy or Custom Design Men’s Slippers

Welcome to the complete collection of men’s stylish slippers by Civardi.

Our stylish slippers are a great alternative to loafers and can be worn on all occasions.

We offer a range of designs, all of which can ordered online and shipped worldwide with FREE shipping.

In addition, each slipper design can be completely customized by you, using our incredible 3D design tool.

Now you have the ability to custom design a pair of bespoke slippers for men online!

The Slippers Collections

Our range of men’s slippers is split into separate collections based on the main material used:

Mainline Slippers

If you want to buy or custom design men’s slippers in a range of leathers, suedes and fabrics, then the Mainline Slippers Collection is the one for you.

We produce our mainline slippers in leather, suede, sartorial fabrics, linen and the ever-popular velvet.

Each material is available in an array of colors, allowing for almost unlimited customizations.

All Mainline Slippers with the exception of leather models can be embroidered with a range of designs, motifs and monograms.

Visit the Mainline Slippers Collection

Patina Leather Slippers

The Patina Slippers Collection includes a range of luxurious designs, handcrafted in our exquisite range of hand-painted patina leathers.

We offer these exquisite slippers in a range of different patina patterns, from a brush-stroke effect through to a camouflage design!

Each patina patterned leather is available in a range of colors and intensities.

Visit the Patina Leather Slippers Collection

Genuine Python Slippers

Civardi offer a range of men’s python slippers, handmade in genuine exotic python skins.

We only choose the finest skins available and offer a range of colors to choose from.

Civardi’s python slippers are available to order or customize at an unbeatable price.

Visit the Python Slippers Collection

Genuine Ostrich Slippers

Our collection of genuine ostrich slippers for men are available to buy in a range of colors.

Choose to buy one of our designs as it is displayed, or customize it to create the pair of ostrich slippers you desire.

Visit the Ostrich Slippers Collection

Choose from a range of men’s slipper styles

Civardi’s slippers for men are available in a range of different models.

Dress Slippers

Our dress slippers are produced in the classic slipper style and are extremely versatile.

We offer 2 similar but distinctive models – the rounded toe Wellington and the squared toe Drake.

Both models are suitable for embroidery, provided that they are not produced in leather.

Belgian Slippers

Based on the infamous Belgian loafer, our Belgian slippers are produced in the unique Belgian style with a separate apron.

The Belgian construction allows for interesting designs and customizations including multi-colored models.

A range of embellishments can be added to our Belgian slippers including bows and tassels.

Monk Strap Slippers

Quite possibly the most stylish men’s slippers we sell are our dapper range of Monk Slippers.

We’ve taken our Belgian slippers and added a double monk strap to create a wonderfully stylish slipper design for dapper men everywhere.

Quality Production

All Civardi slippers are handmade in Europe by our specialist slipper producers.

Our slippers are produced on a special extra-fine leather sole, which can be painted in your choice of color.