Mainline Belgian Slippers

Belgian slippers or loafers ready to be ordered or custom designed by you...

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The range of Mainline Belgian Slippers shown above is only a selection of what is possible with Civardi. All Civardi designs can be fully customised by simply choosing the “customise & order” option.

Our Belgian Slippers are based on a classic Belgian loafer design, with its distinctive construction. This allows for many customization options due to the “apron” section being a seperate piece of material.

We offer Belgian slippers with a range of embellishments – you can make the slipper completely plain, or add some tassels or perhaps a small bow as is found in the most classic Belgian loafer designs.

On our range Mainline Belgian Slippers, you have access to our full range of leathers, suedes and other materials including sartorial fabrics, velvets and linens.

The patent Belgian slipper or loafer has become a mainstay for stylish evening footwear. Incredibly this wonderful slip-on design is equally at home in a vibrant yellow linen design possibly worn with shorts!

With Civardi the choice is yours – use our vast array of custom options to create a stylish pair of Belgian slip-ons, whatever the occasion.