Mainline Dress Slippers

Fashionable dress slippers - order or customize a unique pair now...

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Above you will find a selection of our Mainline Dress Slippers available to order or customize online.

Civardi dress slippers are a fashionable alternative to more formal loafers and can be worn with shorts just as easily a with a tuxedo. We offer our dress slippers in two similar, yet distinctive models:

  • The Drake – a classic slipper design with a squared, slightly chiselled toe shape
  • The Wellington – our best-selling slipper model with a rounded toe design

If you choose to custom design your own pair of slippers from our mainline collection, you will be able to choose from our full range of leathers, suede and other materials including sartorial fabrics, velvet and linen.

Slipper Motifs and Emblems

Your dress slippers may also include embroidery as long as the base of the slipper is a suede, fabric, velvet or linen. We are not able to sew embroidery onto leather designs.

The embroidery itself may be customised. You can choose from a range of graphical designs or go for the ever popular monogrammed slippers. Choose your initials, the style & color of font and finally the required position for the monograms!

Civardi’s range of embroidered slipper possibilities are almost endless. Everything from a linen slipper with a palm tree to a white suede slipper with an octopus – it’s an eclectic collection for those with a truly individual sense of style.

Slipper Accessories

Civardi mainline dress slippers can also be ordered with a range of embellishments including:

  • snaffle loafer style horse-bit bars
  • tassels
  • Albert mask similar to penny loafers
  • lace and tassel design as found on traditional Albert Tassel slippers

We at Civardi really hope you enjoy designing your own unique custom mainline dress slippers – and remember men’s slippers are no longer a strictly indoor item of footwear!