Mainline Monk Slippers

Choose a design or customize your own pair of unique monk slippers...

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Choose from the range of Mainline Monk Slippers above and if required, customize any design to suit your unique personality.

Similar to our mainline Belgian Slippers, our Monk Slippers have the unique addition of a double-monk strap and buckles.

The special Belgian shoe construction of this slipper allows for the mixing of different colors and materials to create a truly eye-catching multi-colored design.

Design your own pair of monk slippers from our mainline collection and you will be able to choose from our full range of leathers, suedes and other materials including velvets and linens.

Our range of fabrics also work particularly well on this slipper model. Tartan designs are really unique and dapper, whether they are subdued as on the Caledonia or bright & bold like on the Rops design.

Apart from the main materials used, you may also choose the color of your buckles. Buckles are available in gold, silver, copper and graphite finishes.

Finally, you can also choose a color for the fine leather slipper soles.

Armed with these tools you can create a Civardi double-monk slipper that fits with your look and makes you the envy of your fashionable friends!