Patina Monk Slippers

Choose to buy or custom design a pair of incredible patina leather monk slippers...

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Choose from a range of designs above and if required, customize to suit your unique personality. Similar to our patina Belgian Slippers, our Monk Slippers have the unique addition of a double-monk strap!

The special Belgian shoe construction of this slipper allows for the mixing of different colors and patterns to create a truly eye-catching multi-colored design.

When customizing you have access to our full range of patina polishes. You may choose from a range of colors as well as a selection of patina patterns. Our camouflage patina monk slippers have proven to be particularly popular!

Apart from the patina chosen, you may also choose the color of your buckles. Buckles are available in gold, silver, copper and graphite finishes.

Finally, you can also choose a color for the fine leather slipper soles.

Armed with these tools you can create a Civardi slipper that is truly reflective of your personality.