Python Slippers

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Above you will find our range of python slipper designs for men, all of which may be ordered as they are – or alternatively you may customise any design.

Civardi python skin slippers are available in a range of colours including various shades of tan and brown, grey, black, navy, red and burgundy.

You can order or customize a pair from 4 different slipper models – Belgian, Monk, Drake or Wellington.

Different colors of python skin can be combined on the Monk Slipper and Belgian Slipper models to create a truly unique pair of python slippers.

At Civardi we only use genuine python skins – the finest available. All skins are sourced from responsible suppliers who meet with all of the relevant standards regarding animal husbandry and environmental impact.

For further information on our python skins please check our Exotic Skins blogpost.