Patina Leather Slippers

Order stylish patina leather slippers from our range of stunning designs


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Patina Leather Slippers

Order a design from our stunning collection of patina leather slippers for men. Each and every slipper is hand-polished by our team of skilled patina artists.

We produce our patina leather slippers in a range of patina leathers and models. You can use the product filters to narrow-down your search.

Order any of the above designs in your chosen size and we’ll make them and ship to you free of charge.

Alternatively, you may customize any of our designs and thus create a unique pair of bespoke patina leather slippers!

Our Patina Leathers

We can apply special patina finishing to your slippers in a range of colors and patterns. Each patina pattern has it’s own range of available colors.

Our regular patina pattern creates a brush-stroke effect on the leather. Available in no fewer than 8 colors, this continues to be our most popular patina pattern.

The papiro pattern produces an interesting “criss-cross” pattern on the leather. You can see this amazing patina on our Sanderson horsebit slipper design above.

Marbled pattern patina is exactly like it sounds, producing a finish similar to that seen on a slab of marble. This pattern is available in eight different colors including the stunning shade of purple found on our Rodgers slipper design.

Similar in many ways to the marbled pattern we offer a museum patina. The museum pattern produces beautiful shades of light and dark on the leather. Offered in four unique colors, this patina offers an unequalled depth of color.

Last but by no means least is the fabulous camo patterned patina leather. This exciting pattern is offered in four colors including the stylish brown mix found on our fabulous Rasputin monk slippers.

Custom Options

All of our patina leather slipper designs can be fully customized online.

Should you choose to customise any of our patina slipper models you will have access to the full range of patina leathers and can also alter the intensity of the patina effect.

Our 3D product configurator allows you to choose not only the main materials but also the most minor details, such as the color of soles.

On certain models, you may also choose to add various embellishments such as a pair of tassels as seen on our Tienen Belgian slippers.

With such an incredible selection of patterns, colors, models and custom design options we hope you enjoy creating a truly unique pair of patina leather slippers!