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Order special, limited edition footwear from a collection of never to be repeated designs


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Special Edition Shoes, Boots & Casual Footwear

Our new collection of special limited editions contains a range of shoes, boots and casual footwear for connoisseurs and aficianados.

Each unique design is hand-crafted in a strictly limited material, featuring unusual patterns, colors and effects.

These products are a one-off, never to be repeated creation, which can be ordered in your required size.

All special edition footwear is available for a limited time only!!

Unique Materials

We’ve acquired limited quantities of interesting, unique materials that aren’t available within our regular footwear collections. These include unbelievable laser-engraved leathers as well as unusual embossed leathers.

Laser engraved leathers feature a variety of designs including the fabulous cartographical map scene found on the Vasco wholecuts.

Our special edition Emboss trainers on the other hand, feature a stunning embossed leather which looks as though it has been braided in a small square pattern.

Limited Edition Patinas

The special leathers are only a part of the Special Edition story – it’s what you do with them that counts! That’s where our team of highly skilled colorists and patina artists come in to play.

A range of limited edition patina colors & patterns have been created specifically for these time-limited masterpieces.

Our “Cezzane” patina pattern produces a fantastic swirling effect on our quality natural crust leathers. This patina pattern is created through the use of various sponges, brushes, oils, waxes and polishes and can be found on several of our special edition shoes. It is particularly striking in unusual shades of teal and eggplant on the special edition Eggplant wholecut design.

A special “Dune” patina represents the ripples of sand found in the desert. This patina is a true work of art and requires meticulous precision to get it right! Our Gobi wholecuts feature this astonishing design in graduated shades of grey.

Another special edition patina has been inspired by our stunning range of Stencil Art casual footwear. The Digital Camo patina pattern seen on our Blitz single monk shoe is the result of combining patina leather artistry with stencil art.

On some designs we’ve introduced a limited edition color. The honey cream museum patina found on the Manuka oxford shoe won’t be available for long. It does however look amazing alongside our fire patina! We also love the pale blue patina on our Duckegg luxury driving shoe – it makes a change from the more common suede designs.

You can also buy from our special range of Chelsea boots, hand-crafted in croco pattern embossed leather and finished in a selection of limited edition patinas. The Ziggy Chelsea boot features a striking purple patina with elements of silvery grey and has been a firm favorite so far!

Trusted Quality Production

All special edition designs are handmade using the same tried and tested processes as our regular collections.

Shoes and boots are produced using the Goodyear welted method of shoe-making. Be sure to check-out the fabulous fiddle-waisted soles on our Rainbow Chelsea boot – quality shoe-making at it’s very best!