Patina Corsini EDWIN


Stylish Patina Leather Trainers

This incredible trainer design will attract attention wherever you wear it! The beautiful patina polishing is the stand-out feature of this trainer and yet they maintain the sophisticated elegance our Corsini model is renowned for.

The Edwin fully embraces the multi-panel construction of the Corsinin trainer. No fewer than 4 different patinas have been used in this stunning design.

Grey papiro patina leather provides an interesting “criss-cross” effect, whilst cognac marble patina brings an extraordinary depth of color.

The camoflauge patterned patina leather injects a little fun into the mix!

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Custom Design Options

Something not quite right with our design? No problem – take it to our 3D customization tool and create the perfect bespoke trainers for you!

You can choose from our full range of patina leathers along with the finer details such as laces and linings.

Be sure to see our Jennings design for a different take on these luxury trainers!

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Lead Time

How long will my order take to be produced?

  • The usual production time is about 3-5 weeks. Please remember that you are purchasing a made-to-order item, that is to say, your item is not produced in advance, every part of it will be hand-crafted, exclusively for you, after submitting your order.
  • Also, please bear in mind that some customizations and artisan methods (i.e Patina Finishing) are more time consuming than others.
  • This method of production is the most efficient business model and we pass this efficiency onto you with our highly competitive pricing structure.
  • It also enables us to offer you such a vast array of product designs on top of any custom designs that you might create!

About Patinas

What is Patina Leather?

  • Our Patina leathers are achieved through a range of techniques for colouring, bleaching and darkening the leather.
  • This is an entirely handmade process using various polishes, dyes, waxes and oils. Each of our patina creations, be it a pair of shoes, boots, trainers or a belt, are the result of this labour intensive manual process.
  • For this reason there may be slight variations from one product to the next – this is to be embraced as these variations are a part of what gives a patina leather product its unique depth of character and soul.
  • Patina finishing is also known as antiquing and it does indeed give a product a “lived-in” appearance.
  • On our customisation Workbench you may alter the intensity of each patina finish – the more intense the patina, the greater the contrast.

Product Components

  • Materials: grey papiro,  cognac marble, cognac regular + khaki camo patina leathers
  • Laces: navy
  • Lining: brown calf leather
  • Sole: corsini rubber running soles