Travel Duffle LAX


Ideal for overnight or weekend trips, the travel duffle is the best option to carry all your essentials in style. There’s virtually no place where a leather duffel bag would feel awkward or out of place. It measures 21.6 x 11.8 x 11.0 inches / 55 x 30 x 28 cm and features an outside pocket perfect for the little items that could otherwise get lost at the bottom of your bag, full lined interior and a removable shoulder strap.

A unique savoir-faire
All our bags & leather goods are handmade in Ubrique, Spain —current artisans for the most recognized and luxurious brands in Italy and France. Excellence in craftsmanship has been at the very heart of their products for almost 90 years.
Hallowed traditions and century-old knowhow are preserved and revived in their creations. Their tanners and leather workers have been rewarded for their unique savoir-faire.
Thanks to the care and attention of these craftsmen and the use of exceptional raw materials, all the bespoke leather goods that we manufacture are of impeccable quality.

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Materials: grey painted full grain + black painted full grain

Lining: black fabric

About Leather Goods

Quality Handmade Leather Goods

  • All our bags, briefcases, satchels & document holders are handmade by true artisans who have worked for some of the most recognised and luxurious brands in the world for almost 90 years
  • We are proud of the impeccable quality of all of our leather goods
  • You may notice slight differences in pricing between 2 seemingly similar products – this occurs as we have to charge slightly more for “burnished” leather goods – due to the sheer amount of time that this labour intensive process takes
  • When customising a product you may see the price changing when you choose to burnish it – this is normal and to be expected

Lead Time

How long will my order take to be produced?

  • The usual production time is about 3-5 weeks. Please remember that you are purchasing a made-to-order item, that is to say, your item is not produced in advance, every part of it will be hand-crafted, exclusively for you, after submitting your order. 
  • Also, please bear in mind that some customizations and artisan methods (i.e Patina Finishing) are more time consuming than others.
  • This method of production is the most efficient business model and we pass this efficiency onto you with our highly competitive pricing structure.
  • It also enables us to offer you such a vast array of product designs on top of any custom designs that you might create!


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