Get Your Perfect Size

We have been working very hard devoloping our partnership with the FeetSizr app and are pleased to say that we are now fully up and running!

If you are unsure which size to order you can now create an account on the FeetSizr app and seamlessly “import” your size details at the time of ordering!

How Does It Work?

FeetSizr is a mobile application that heavily relies on Computer Vision and Image Processing technologies to create an accurate 3D representation of your feet. The process is quite easy and can be completed in under 5 minutes.

Start by downloading FeetSizr app on your iOS / Android device.

After you have downloaded the app and installed on your phone or tablet, please, open it and follow the instructions shown on screen. It’s quite easy to use! You just need to take 3 pictures of each of your feet, from three different positions. Based on that, our algorithms will generate a very accurate 3D representation of your feet.

Watch Our Video Tutorial

After the scanning process is complete, you will be presented with the 3D mesh of your feet and your Size ID, that is, the email address used during registration. Time to use your Size ID when ordering your Civardi custom masterpiece!!

Simply choose the option to use your FeetSizr ID, enter your email address etc and like magic we will know exactly which size to produce for you.